Drawing is one skill in which many people have interest. It does not involve just replicating an image with a pencil. It involves various methods.

The methods itself can be categorized differently. One such categorization can be made by the tools used. Pictures can be drawn by using chalks, charcoals, fountain pens, ball point pens, pastels, chisels and even diamond.

Another type of categorization can be done by considering the type of drawing. Some of the different types of drawings are still life drawing, fantasy, illustrative drawing, analytical drawing and much more.

In general, drawing can be categorized as casual drawing, preparatory drawing and finished drawing. As the name implies casual drawing denotes an unfinished drawing which generally involves unrefined stuff. Preparatory drawing involves series of drawings that have to be combined to form a whole drawing and yet to be painted by the artist. Finished drawing denotes a completed stand alone design or picture which can be an illustration or a cartoon or any design.

When it comes to drawing, it can be a hand drawn picture or a picture drawn by using computer software. Though one cannot say which is the best, both has its own pros and cons.

Drawing with our own hand gives a realistic feeling, on the other hand, drawing an architectural diagram with our hand may be difficult and it may take time. Similarly, it is easy to drag and drop predefined objects and construct an image using software but an improper use of the tools may result in a rework. Though both ways of drawing have its own pros and cons, people choose their own way of drawing.

 Choosing the way one likes to draw, completely depends on one’s own interest. Some may be interested in using their own brushes and strokes with the help of hand and some may be interested in using the software for doing the same.

Both ways of drawing are considered as equally good. So, understand different methods of drawing and choose your own way of exposing your interest.